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Almost every nation seeking settlement around this land was paralyzed with Bodrum’s beauty.

Bodrum has always been reputable with its azure color, its turqouise blue.

Eastern and Western harbors have come together to constitute this beautiful peninsula.

Historically, Bodrum has been invaded by many different nations who were seeking domination in the Mediterrenean.

During ancient times, in the district between Ionia and Lycia, there was the relativelty smaller state of Karia.

Halicarnassos (Bodrum) has been the most important settlement of Karia.

Bodrum has been home to the famous historian Herodotus, the first woman admiral Artemisia I., the brilliant admiral Artemisia II.,and artists like Leachares and Shepas.


Bodrum Ancient Theatre

One of the oldest and most beautiful ancient theatres in Anatolia, Bodrum Ancient Theatre was built around the Century B.C., during the rule of King Mausolus.

Archeological excavations were performed between the years 1976-1985, and this stunning historical piece of art was revealed.

The theatre was completely restored, and is now hosting concerts and artistic performances since 2002.


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