Built on the rocky  island between the inner harbor and the marina during the ancient times, Bodrum Castle is now located on a peninsula which emerged after the  island merged with the main land.

The construction period of this castle of the Knights of Rhodes has been incredibly long, literally more than 100 years,  which lasted between the years 1406 – 1523.

The castle has a magnificent outlook with dimensions of 180 x 185 meters.


The castle, which was used as a prison until the end of the 19th. Century, now houses Bodrum Underwater Archeological Museum, which was awarded ‘Certificate of Special Commendation’ in 1995, by the European Museum of the Year Award Committee.

The museum is not only a dusty collection of lifeless relics, but is an original,creative and exciting sample of a ‘lively exhibition’.

In the interior part of the Castle, you may notice five towers with different looks and different heights.

The tallest among them is the French Tower, with a height of 47.50 meters.

Besides the French Tower, the other four are named as the Italian Tower, the German Tower, the British Tower, and the Tower with Snakes.


To reach the interior castle, you need to pass through seven different gates. On these seven gates, you may notice different emblems of the knights, with crosses, figurative lions and dragons.

Inside the castle you may count fourteen cisterns, including the one right under the Chapel.

The main sites of the Underwater Museum of Archeology are ;

  • Turkish Hammam
  • Amphora Exhibition
  • Eastern Roman Ship Wreck
  • Glass Hall
  • Glass Wrecks
  • Hall of Ancient Coins and Jewellery
  • Hall of Princess of Karia
  • British Tower
  • Torture and Slaughter Rooms
  • German Tower

For detailed information you may call the museum at (90-252) 316-2516.



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