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The unforgettable master of Turkish Music, Zeki Müren, lived in Bodrum the happiest and  most fruitful period of his entire life, until he died in 1996.

Originally from Bursa,Turkey, this unique singer, composer and actor of Turkish Art Society, and one of the master phonetics of the Turkish language, has been a celebrity in Istanbul, and became a very popular singer and composer.

However, his marginal life style and his costumes, together with his sexual connotations were not welcomed by some minor part of the society, and he did not feel very comfortable living neither in Istanbul nor in Bursa.


When he moved to Bodrum, and started living in this humble home, which was transformed to a museum by Ministry of Culture in the year 2000,  four years after he passed away, Bodrum’s elegant and tolerant  people were always respectful and caring for him, and he was never discriminated.

In this Museum, his stage costumes, drawings, awards, automobile, and all other personal belongings are being exhibited with songs from his lovely voice.





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